iStock 000021791672SmallPassion is what separates us from our competition. We are committed to representing our charity partners with the integrity in which they were founded. Every campaign is a unique opportunity to improve our client’s exposure and bottom line. The greatest reward our company receives is when we empower your organization to create a larger impact!!

By taking the time to learn about your organization, we will customize a marketing strategy to maximize your exposure and potential earnings. With a team of established scriptwriters, thoroughly trained customer servers agents, and our demand for the highest standards, your organization will be completely informed and amazed with the results we produce week in and week out.

With over 10 years of fundraising and marketing experience, we allow your organization to focus on its primary mission and have the luxury of avoiding the high cost associated with running an internal call center. We invite you to contact us with the needs of your organization and see how we can help you…